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Les Chevres de Montagne

Founder Maryse Paquette

What did you see was missing from the outdoor community?

I don’t think there was something missing, but I thought there was something to add: a way we could share our passions for these sports.

How does Les Chevres de Montagne solve that? 

It drops the competitive aspect of activity and gives girls a simple way to discover and enjoy the outdoors. The main idea was to give participants the best of everything: gear, coaches, a destination and the partners to make the experience unforgettable. My hope is for girls to eventually be able to take the initiative to go outside and keep doing sports outdoors with friends.

Who comes to your events? 

Young women mostly, although anyone over 18 is welcome. They have one thing in common: the desire and passion to participate in events that connect them with the outdoors. Everyone is totally different and that’s the beauty of it – we want to welcome everyone to our activities. Diversity makes it more interesting and fun to share our different stories and journeys.

What talents do you need to be an Outdoorpreneur?

Business now is more personal. This generation of business leaders want who they are and what they do to be the same thing. Outdoorpreneur is simply another way of making business a more authentic experience. In my opinion, it’s not necessarily about talent as much as passion and having a clear vision. What people in the outdoor industry have in common is a serious belief in helping others discover and participate in outdoor activities. When we’re immersed in the beauty of nature we have less control and more respect. Outdoor adventure activities have a way of allowing us to learn something about each other that’s just not possible in other settings.

What do you wish people knew about Les Chevres de Montagne? 

I want them to know that they can participate in any outdoors activities they want. Even if you feel you weren’t good at team sports, you can still kick ass at outdoor activities. It’s not a competition, it’s about connecting with nature. The community is one less reason to stay inside. You will know people, have the knowledge and know where to get the equipment.

What do you most value in your community? 

Having fun, meeting people, being open to learning more and pushing your limits. I want everyone to feel comfortable. I’m more convinced that if we spend quality time outside experiencing nature and looking inside ourselves, we learn far more than we could from a new Netflix series.

What have been the biggest challenges? 

I think my biggest challenge was the community growing so quickly. Dealing with the growth of a business is fine, but I still consider Les Chevres de Montagne more my passion then my job. I had a hard time finding the time for all that expansion because I still had a full-time job and wanted to keep doing all the activities. Time management is still the biggest challenge I’m facing with the company.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Running through Kuururjuaq National Park or our Qamaniq adventure.

Where would you most like to travel?

Patagonia of Chile is high on my list. 

If money was no object, what would you do with your program?

Bring it to schools so kids of all ages could start outdoor activity young; create that nature connection earlier in their lives.

Favourite outdoor snack: 

Buffalo pepperoni.

Coolest thing you’ve learned outside: 

Mountain goats are attracted to human pee. (Its true!)

How you get inspired: 

Meeting, talking and listening to people’s stories.

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